Wednesday, November 2

Scrivener for Windows Launches Next Week

For years, I’ve hung out in writing forums and endured the ridicule of MacApple authors, belittling me for using Microsoft Word to write fiction. They bragged on the speed and efficiency of focusing on plotting and characterization without the software slowing them down. They used Scrivener, software for writers only, and at the time, the product ran on Apple’s only. No Windows version.

For years, I’ve tried to get what they have. I’ve bought or installed trials for over fifty programs designed for writers, including a number of add-ons for Microsoft Word and Open Office, but with every set of features came annoying quirks, and none delivered the efficiency described by users of Scrivener.

That all changed last year, when I started beta testing the first-ever Scrivener for Windows.

I was afraid, at first. What if Scrivener for Windows wasn’t as good as the Mac version? Or what if it was? What if Scrivener didn’t live up to the hype? What if I’d wasted precious time searching for the perfect tool, when I could have been writing?

Like I said, that was a year ago. I am not afraid any more. My search is over, and I am glad I made the effort. Scrivener for Windows is the best writing software ever deployed on a PC. I can use it to organize my thoughts the way I think, and that’s no easy task, because—as you know—sometimes I’m really way out there.

I really love this product! I can use Scrivener for writing fiction and non-fiction, short-stories or novels. Nothing gets in the way, and I never have to switch programs to get my work done. Check out Scrivener for Windows. You’ll thank me a thousand times over. In fact, if you take my advice I want a cut of your next book sale, because with Scrivener you’ll finish it faster than you ever thought possible.

Saturday, July 30

You’ll kill for my Sin City Omelet

This will seem odd to you. I’m not gonna talk about writing, and I’m not gonna give you an excerpt from some crime epic. Nope, I’m gonna tell you how to make an easy omelet you’re gonna love. I call it my Sin City Omelet, an omelet for men who like omelets—not that the ladies won’t like it too. It’s what we call in Louisiana a slap-your-momma omelet. Taste it, and you’ll be pissed your momma made you eat her nasty cooking.

sincitynoir For the record, all men from Louisiana cook. They may not all admit it, but they cook. Good or bad, they cook. In between wives, I actually learned to cook pretty well. Now, I’m happily married to my high school sweetheart. She won’t let me cook on any day that’s not a holiday, but this morning, she went shopping, and I dug out the skillet.

This dish feeds 2 on a date (or one real man by himself). The trick is to pour in the eggs and not touch them. Just pour them in, and cover on a very low flame.

Let’s do this.

Find a 12" non-stick pan, but if yours has lost its non-stick abilities, spray it with some of that non-stick fake butter stuff your wife buys or gob in a teaspoon of real butter, let it melt, and smear the pan with it. Find a cover that is sort of flat to keep the heat closer to the food. Use a heavy plate if you can’t find a lid. Look around. Your wife’s likely got some good china that’ll work just fine.

With a fork, whip up 6 eggs with about 1 1/2 tablespoons of water in a bowl—or a beer stein, that’s what I used. Add salt, cayenne pepper, and a shot of Pinot Noir. This will turn the eggs gray like a good black and white movie.

Crumble 8 ounces of Monterey Jack cheese and put that to the side. Incidentally, if you freeze the cheese first and then defrost, it will crumble faster. (My grandmaw taught me that.)

Anyway, heat your pan on a VERY low flame and pour in the eggs. Cover and don’t open for 5 minutes. When the eggs look done (not runny) spread on the cheese and some very thin onion slices. Cover again, and turn off the heat. Drop the toast and by the time it's buttered you can douse those black and white eggs with some blood-red, spicy salsa (or ketchup if you’re in Louisiana) then fold the omelet in half to hide the melted insides.

Your gonna love this. When you serve it, the egg layers are only 1/4" thick, perfect consistency, and a killer taste.